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Originally Posted by Blackbear
Anyhow, you are SNI right Lax? I know in the confederacy most don't enroll less than 1/4 . The way the SNI are doing it is more traditional and as long as they live in the community I don't see a problem. They are still community and family. It's when they have'nt had ties for generations with the community and want to come and enroll for services and money is when I have a problem with it. Being haudenosaunee always meant more to me than quantum, meant knowing your family and people and that's why I make every effort to bring my kid back home at least once a year (wish I could afford to go more often).
BB, unfortunately even with the 'traditional enrollment"... our lineage is really 'out there' should see it at tribal election time!!!, they come out the woodwork-and it's just for the $$$! but's hard seeing blue eyed/blonde haired people sitting next to you when you're waiting at the clinic.. but then again they're just as much on the rolls as me and eligible for the same services... everything is so out proportion though...ex. we have tribal laws that prohibit any individual from 'being on two federally recognized rolls' though...I had to challenge it for my daughter married an ojib from canada and our own tribe tried to make an issue of her being eligible for two rolls...beat them with their own language of 'federally recognized.." as the canadian tribes are not federally recognized within the states. That's a whole 'nother issue, like NYS doesn't recognize canadian ndns... it gets scary in regards to the Indian Child Welfare Laws and such....our tribal courts have recently had to intervene alot in some of those cases to keep canadian native children out of the hands of the State.... it could go on and on!!!
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