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This topic of "adopting or stealing" comes up alot whether it is song or dance, doesn't it? Just because you see someone do a dance or sing a song that you think is cool doesn't mean you should do it, too. Everyone should take time out to "really learn" about each other's tribal traditions, customs, dances,song and dress before they copy it. Many songs and dances are "tribe specific" and shouldn't be performed by any other tribe. And when you see or hear someone do something wrong and it bothers, you should make it a point to tell them, if possible, in a quiet, respectful manner so that they understand and don't get defensive. I rememer we went to a pow wow once and we heard a song that is a mourning song for our tribe sung during an intertribal. My father went to the drum and gave them tobacco, explained to them what that song was and simply asked them not to sing it again. Everyone shook hands and that was that. That's how we learn from each other what's right or wrong to adopt, steal or copy.
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