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Two more things... Dancers who pre-registered online weren't issued numbers online. If there are dancers you know who claimed to have registration numbers that were printed out from an online pre-registration, then I can assure you that registration wasn't done through our website. Numbers weren't issued until dancers arrived onsite.

And another thing... the rescue squad had water that WE purchased and they WERE part of our staff. They were a volunteer staff. They gave their time and energy to this powwow and didn't ask for a dime in return. They were verbally abused and barked at by some individuals under the arbor and we will remember that when it comes time to hire folks in the years to come.

One woman, in particular, who was spoken to in a very ugly way, is an older Cherokee woman who actually spent the night out there in the SIRT Vehicle along with a couple of other SIRT team members to make sure that there was always someone onsite in case anyone had a need.

The Coastal Carolina Indian Center is making a generous donation to the SIRT team for helping out with this event. Many of the individuals on that team are our friends in the community.


On a side note, I think it's relevant to point out that "mortonkid" is a Jeffries. I'm just wondering if that's any relation to John "Blackfeather" Jeffries.

What I'm wondering is why is it that the only people we heard complaints from over the weekend (and there was a steady stream of it) were all associated with the MC?

I would think that people associated with the MC would be particularly understanding of the fact that this is a first time event and there are bound to be bumps in the road.

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