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Very Good Topic!

I have noticed that not only in the gategory that I dance but in all of them as well. When I first started dancing 15yrs ago people always spoke and introduced themselves. Then always after the powwow even if it was not a tradish one all the natives would still get together and hang out or 49. Now that is almost unheard of. I have experinced alot of that down here in the Southeast that is y I started that other thread about powwows in the SE region. just talking about how people treat others. And how some try to out ndn others! I have been standing in lineup for grand entyr many of times and said hi to those standing around me and they just give me a crazy look. And you guys r right after experiencing that a few times it kind of makes you standoffish. But I still try to be nice because that is the way I would like people to be, and I always say hello to others.

I would never snubb any of u guys off! :huddle:
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