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Originally Posted by AngelFeather
How sad..
The fact of the matter is we as brown skinned people are never gonna convince the "whites" of anything unless we learn to stik together and stand up for one another, so far all we do is divide ourselves either by comparing blood lines, language, dark skin, light skin, its all BS. Like i said the FACT is we are ALL brown but there are different degrees of brown, just like there are different dialects of language, just because one speaks another doesn't mean your not brown. Heck in my own culture, heritage, people, we have 4 dialects to our language, but we are all still Blackfoot. I see more amd more division amongst the First Nations People, and over what, my skin isnt as dark or becasue he/ she speaks a different dialect, or because our Sundances are different? Like comon people We/our ancestors have all suffered the same been treated the same so why should we give into exactly what the other race wants, seperation and division.... No race can stand alone but as a unit they are unbreakable. I just feel it is time to get over the petiness and realize what is really important here, Mother earth being killed, cultures and traditons being forgotten, languages erased, people being ashamed of who they really are. Who cares if one speaks better spanish , english, Native as long as we are all trying.
Pluma de Angel,
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