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Gay straight dancers.. lmao not so straight, straight dancers?? HAHA well last year they have this christmas parade in the early part of decemeber and me and my family went. They had this part of the parade where they had different nationalities do things from their culture. There were mexicans, chinese, polish and it I was thinkin I wonder who is representin the natives. We were right where the MC of the parade was so everytime a group would walk by he'd introduce them. Well it was time for the "Native Americans" and we were all tryin to see if we might know any of them and here it was 3 straight dancers and a lady. As they got closer they were all white ppl. The woman was really banging away on a handdrum and the straight dancers were 3 white guys.. but they looked like the no so straight kind.. lmao.. it was hilarious!

As for crooked.. I have one that comes to mind but just had to share my funny story...
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