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I always have and will continue to introduce myself or call myself a Cree Indian, Often I say this in Cree, so I am known as a Nehiyaw,
"Nay-hay-yaw", a Cree. I use the term Native as well as I am native to this land as the first nation of this land.
Today the government approved and flavor of the week is the term, Aboriginal. Rarely do I hear Indians called or referred to as indigeonous. I do not use either them and I find them rather annoying.

At home were Cree is the main language, we always refer to ourselves as Nehiywak and non-natives as Mooniyawak," Whitepeople".

It sounds stupid when someone speaks Cree and uses the government terminology to refer to an Indian. With all these minorites now refering to themselves as Indo-canadians, or african-american, etc, we are the only true americans as in Noth America's first people, Native American Indians!


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