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Originally posted by SingerMD:

The use of the word enslaved is really the wrong terminology here. If you look at our Countryís history you will find that the only ethnic group that can be described as truly enslaved would be the slaves from Africa.

Iíll agree that the US government treatment and ideology towards the Native American, as well as other ethnic groups, has been less the acceptable. We could discuss it for the next 4 months but thatís not the topic here. As for the second part of your statement about becoming freed you already are. We are guaranteed the rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and the list goes on and on. Although, our history is rather flawed itís still the best country to live in. Try this one word for all the native people of this land - an American. As for calling yourself Oglala thatís pretty interesting to me, you look rather white to me. LOL
Say what?!? We were murdered and caralled onto reservations...the term enslaved refers to people who are forced to work or perform tasks against their will without payment. We were pushed onto reservations, if we were not killed, against our will. We were forced to farm and perform tasks that we were completely alienated to against our will. We were forced to change our appearance, religion, language, ect ect ect...against our will...we were enslaved....just because we were never put on plantations and forced to pick cotton does not change the fact that we were enslaved...get the facts straight.

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