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Let me clarify my above statement, the term enslave means to “put into slavery”. Slavery is defined as 1. The owning or keeping of slaves as a practice or institution; slaveholding 2. the condition of being a slave; bondage; servitude 3. hard work or toil that done by slaves.

I hardly think the plight of the Native American can be termed as slavery. Yes, if you read and research history you’ll see how piss poorly our government has and still treats the Native American. My point here is your terminology not the plight they faced. I do not believe that the institution know as slavery holds true to the Native American. As for the Spanish trying to enslave the native population that can be seen as a clear-cut example of enslavement where individual landowners owned slaves.

As for the fact that some tribes were forced to go against other tribes that is true. A simple explanation is that they became mercenaries, had been long time enemies or the use of treaties and agreement that would be made and eventually broken. As for the murdering and use of reservations the US government did and continues to force the Indian into their own likeness such as appearance, religion, language etc. etc. etc. But in no form is this a form of slavery in which one man owns another for use as he/she sees fit in order to make a profit.
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