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Originally posted by SingerMD:

All right so you don’t like a dictionary reader, too bad. I find it helps to know what one is saying before he/she says it. As in the words of Abraham Lincoln 'tis better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt’.

Well back to my point. You mean to tell me that if I asked the following question out in South Dakota and Oklahoma the majority of indians would agree with it. “Did you know you are enslaved by the US government which owns you?” For some reason, I seriously doubt it!

So let me ask you the same question – Did you know, Robert Laughing Owl, you are enslave by the US government which owns you?
well well...we are a indian quoting united states presidents and you are trying to preach to me!!! Give me a break here. And dont misquote me either, or try to twist my words to make your point... you wanna use another word go can call all of us fools if it makes you feel better...that statement was originally made by Russell he a fool too now...dont think that you have the right to call me a fool or question my motives..i fight for my people, do you?

Robert Laughing Owl
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