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In response to the original question, Indian seems to be the preferred method throughout Indian Country, hello people. I mean really, how many times, have you ever heard a real Indian call another one a Native American or even American Indian for that matter. Its all like, "Oh, they are an Indin." However, I do agree that identifying someone by their tribal group is better i.e. Oglala, Kiowa, etc.

In response to the slavery issue. You are only enslaved if you wish to be thought of yourself like that. How are you enslaved if you live in Charleston, SC? That place rocks the house!! My wife and I love Charleston, minus the heat of course. Robert, I don't know if you've ever been to S. Dakota before, but that is where my parents live, at Pine Ridge in modest housing which is being extremely kind. I don't consider them to be enslaved and I don't feel enslaved and my wife doesn't feel enslaved. We have all the rights and privileges of any U.S. citizen. So where is the enslavement? Matter of fact, go to Pine Ridge and tell the residents there that they are enslaved; you'd probably get slapped. I know I'm gonna hear it for this, but guys, come on move on. That stuff happened a whlie ago. There are much more pressing issues. Like for instance, our tribal building, the Red Cloud Building has been taken over since January...the whole govt. out there is in a shambles. There's you an issue. To end that discussion, Lakota people were only moved onto reservations about 115 years ago and we were never enslaved. Pine Ridge is located in the poorest county in the U.S. (Shannon County),but the culture is almost still intact. There are still sun dances, the language is still spoken, the songs and dances are still alive. Other tribes gave all that up in favor of the European ways. So you tell me, who is enslaved? Our people at Pine Ridge or the ones who gave up and don't even know how to count to ten in their native language. Just some ramblings.
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