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Here in my family there are several elders who are full blooded who never have registered with indian affairs. The department of indian affairs calls these people non-status or non-treaty indians, yet a white women and her half breed kids who married a registered indian before 1985 is considered an indian by the government....stupid!

Here one looks at the persons lineage and often fullbloods or those with more than half indian blood are called indians, half breeds and those less than half are commonly called half breeds, those with little indian blood are called metis or wannabees...or as I have stated part of the mosquito tribe.

Many of the true indians here are the ones who never signed treaty, yet they speak their language and never had to suffer the evils of residential school and the church.

We are indians, not aboriginals or indigenous. Our communities are referred to as Aboriginal or First nations communities by governemnts, but to most of us indians who truly are indians , they are indian reserves.

I never have been to the south so I cannnot comment on the parties there, but as the topic started out, it asked what our ideas were about different terminology.

Persons of east indian descent are known as hindus, pakis, sikhs or whatever regon they orignate from, they are not indians, we are.

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