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Originally Posted by R0SIE

QuickSilverWade - Okay I'll try not to not ask stupid questions... hehe... but I might not be able to help it... hehe... be nice... please... heh What is a QSW Question? I am sorry, I am not familar with the last name Veloz. I think I've seen it before but not sure where. Did you father live in California?Sorry... <img src="">

Okay, so here are my questions of the day... How does one register with a tribe?

I decided to start looking into to books for to read to learn more... there are so many out there... how can you tell what is real and what is the New Age junk?
I heard that Mr. Veloz (I've never referred to him as my father since I've never laid eyes on him) was living in the Bay area during his living years but I've never had the inclination to make contact. But since you're Yaqui, I figured that there might be a one in a million chance that we're related, lol.

Defining a QSW question means that I'm trying to ruffle feathers and cause turmoil and chaos which is what my nature entails me to do, lol. I'm the instigator and behind the scenes troublemaker but I promise not to ruffle your feathers, okay?

Enrolling into a tribe may not be easy since you must have practically your entire family tree enrolled also at least in my case. I am at an advantage and so are the others who are enrolled because of our family connections. We can easily phone our cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents who reside on the reservation at any time. In your case and with such beautful hair, you wouldn't have any trouble making friends at the powwows. The Northern California area has numerous powwows practically every weekend so you shouldn't have any trouble making contact with the local native population.

The new age junk is out there in abundance. The rule of thumb is that one never talks about spiritual matters on the internet. There are so many rules regarding our protocol and etiquette that the best way to start is by reading the past threads on . Also be aware of people using names that have "wolf" in them. Except of course the exceptional Southern Straight dancer "Ben Wolf!"

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