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Originally Posted by R0SIE
Hmmm I will have to look into Mr. Veloz... and you said he past in 1987. Do you know what city? You never know - we could be long lost cousin... heh. My grandmother was Lopez before marrying.

My uncle was in the process when he died... he said once he did he was going to help me... but it never happened... what is the difference of being registered or not? I don't understand. Someone told me it was just away for the goverment to track everything... of course he wasn't registered - and not by chose.

I've seen some around Northern California but not near enough for me to get too... not any yet.

I think that's a great idea, to start with old postings... I read a few before I posted... I think I need to go through I read a lot more. What is wrong with people using names that have WOLF in them?
I'm supposing that Mr. Veloz must've died in San Francisco leaving his wife Rachel Veloz.

By being registered with a tribe one can receive certain perks with the government. So, all I can say is that when somebody says that it is a way for the government to control us means they probably aren't registered. Oh, also during my dying last years I can go back home for free commodities.

Not all names with Wolf are wannabees but I like these last names better: Crazy Thunder, No Ear, Scabby Robe and Beautiful Bald Eagle.
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