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Originally Posted by ndngirl_19
Well, the ladies I look up to for inspiration when I dance are Rose Ann Abrahamson (of course), Freddie Hunter, Silvestine Sheilds, Alta Swiftbird, Sharon Roberts, Joyce Hayes, Mrs. Gopher, Delaine Alley, Justine Croft, & Mrs. Yaholar. Each of these ladies dance good and, as individuals, they each had a style to call their own. In each of them I admire their strength and beauty as Indian women. the sort of people one could say are role models. You don't see it too much these days...everyone kinda dancing the same.

BUT, these following young ladies: Ramona Croft, Holly Eaglespeaker, Tamara Shouting, Summer Baldwin, Dalynn Allie, Kisha Baker, Marcia Blacksmith and a few other ladies...I have seen and danced with, are some of the younger ones I admire for their dancing, intelligence, friendship and humor!
Thats what I call a good dancer!
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