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Ok, here's the snag that would make me go "Damn........."

She has to have real long black hair, caramel skin (you know, not crispy dark, and not "Really Goot" lookin body, the kind where sum of that frybread went to the booty, and........ uhmm.......somewhere else....LOL. She hasta dance, maybe Fancy, or Jingle (sumthin 'bout bouncin' around gets me..........), but jus' as long as she dances. The ultimate characteristic is she must have a Really Purty Face, (the kind where you could jus' lick the frybread grease off her lips) without the purty face, then sorry, I'm not havin it. Now, if she really wanted to get me, then she must have a job, go to school, AND have her own car (them independent N-Den gurlz REALLY GET ME.......) gawww, I'm startin' to drool jus' thinkin' about it.......
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