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"Hey son, grab your eagle bone whistle and call the rest of the kids in for supper."

"Anybody see my tom tom?"

"How come I can't have a pipe, just like his?"

"You mean we can use real eagle feathers?"

"I only use artificial tobacco in my pipe."

"Jeeze those guys on all those drums keep singing the same song over and over."

"What makes that first singer yell like that?"

"How come on some of those songs those women sing lah lah lah lah lah(trilling)?"

"Did ya kick the horse's hooves to see if he is ready to be ridden today?"

"My grandma was a Cree shaman who used her kiva for ceremonies."

"Hey, I got eagle whistle's here...real cheap, three for five bucks."

"Got anymore of that warpaint buddy? I'm fresh out."

"I'm a totally natural Indian, I make my face paint out of freshly ground blueberries."

"Damn, that Custer was a brave man."

"Honey, what you say we name the baby George Armstrong? You know, to honor Custer?"

"Hey whitey, how about me and you become blood brothers?"

Skennen enhsenontonnionhake - May you have peace in your mind and heart.

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