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I will forever go hmmmmmmmm.....

I came into Pow Wow today with the intention of talking about how it is our own responsibility to police ourselves, and the growing of Government intrusion into peoples lives. (Worldwide) Once again I my mind wanders to other things and tugs me into different directions. I want to mention Terri Schiavo. You know her as the feeding tube girl in Florida that her life mate (husband) is now attempting to end that chapter in his life. I’ve thought about it and thought more and cannot put this out of my mind. The brother has a new mate whom he has children with at this time and wishes to marry. From every thing that I have read he is a Catholic. To divorce his wife and marry again is a sin… hmmmmmmm (What is living with another while your mate is in the hospital?) The Judge and her husband (both who would like to see her dead) argue that the quality of her life will never be better than it is currently. Her parents say that she responds to them and they would gladly be her guardians.

So what is all this leading up to you might ask…. Well let me ask you this. If you or I had a dog, and decided that it was time to end its life. What do you think would happen if it were starved to death? Around here you’d be locked away. As to the quality of her life, lets consider the quality of life of the people who still love her to this day. Her parents must be going through virtual HE@#. (I edit myself). What is this doing to them spiritually, mentally, and physically? Too many people are getting involved with this as I see it. It is not a matter for the government or judges. The husband should just walk away and let the parents do what family does. He will have to deal with his sin in some other way. Both Husband and Judge are co-conspirators in this woman’s murder. (Back to the question about starving your dog). As for this devout Catholic that can no longer deal with the sin he is currently committing. Will her death bring him resolution with the spirit for his sins? Not with the Creator I turn my eyes too.
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