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Originally Posted by badmaninc
Dude that doesn't make me go hmmm, this reply should have been done in its own thread. You have touched on numerous subjects here. Sometimes parents still don't know when to let go though. As for her husband it is not for us to judge him cause he has found somebody else. I don't know how long that this woman has been in her current condition but it doesn't appear that she will ever recuperate. Don't know if I agree with euthanasia but this is a controversial case for sure.
I donít know about a thread of itís own and that was never my intention. I was truly going hmmmm over the whole topic myself. In the 1990ís my daughters and I took care of a great aunt. She had Alzheimerís so bad at that point she had forgotten how to eat. They inserted a feeding tube and sent her home to die. The doctors told the family that she wouldnít last 2 weeks. They never took into consideration that we would take such good care of her. She lived for 5 years and 7 months and only died due to her body giving out at 97. She had no bedsores and her weight was really up good. The girls took turns taking care of her (I drove them to her house) they would wash her hair and fix it up on Saturdays for her childrenís visits on Sunday. My oldest girl is now a L.P.N. as the result of her dedication and 2 of the local doctors recommended her to school and paid for the training after her demise. Who benefited from this? Lewis her husband, He was sharp as a knife and a true blessing to be around. I learned so much about the ďold daysĒ from him. Things that would be lost forever if it werenít for that relation in my life. It is sad to see someone suffer; itís heartbreaking at times. In no way do I blame the husband for moving on even if they never talked about it before all this happened. But to let her starve when someone is begging to carry on with the task canít be right in my eyes. Someoneís quality of life will benefit from learning dedication, true love, compassion, all the good parts of being human.
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