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[QUOTE]Originally posted by terence, AISC Director:
[B]As far as the comment about going to the rez and / or consulting with ones' elders: I would agree. However, I think it should be considered that maybe not everyone has the opportunity for various reasons and the question at hand should not be taken in a fecicious manner.

Not to be fecicious, but this is no excuse. I've seen this kind of proliferation of laziness all to often. If these ways are so important to you, as they are to myself and others, then you make it happen. This is why I get a little bent out of shape when the whole hobbiest/wannabe thing starts happening. Apparently, when an 'indian' person can't put the extra effort into doing things the proper way, it's excuseable,but when non-indians go to all extremes to insure that they are doing things the proper way, we're out of line or laughable or some junk like that! I think anyone who really believes in these ways and wants to be a part of them, needs to go to the source and get knowledge from that people directly. Anyone who does not, be they indian or white, is just playing! Alot of those old honor songs say,'it's hard to be indian but I love these ways, so I am doing this'. I take those words seriously so I don't allow room for excuses too often.
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