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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Lee Winterhunter:

Now, then: My native elders have given me a range of answers on moontime, from "you must not go into the circle" to "if you feel the need to dance, dance!" Itís been the non-native people inviting me to sweatlodges who, after quoting the dollar price of participation, announce that if I or any of my female friends turn up on moontime at the sweat, weíll be told to stay away because our medicine could harm (yes, they said Ďharmí) the medicine manís medicine.

This statement implies that this situation only occurs with non native phonies. I've personally never been asked for money for any ceremony but I've actually read flyers distributed for ceremonies run by fullblood people complete with 'suggested donations'ie.$$$! I have , however, gone to ceremony and talked about ceremony with many fullbloods who say menstruating women need to stay away from such places. The reason given, her power will negate the mans power and the results can be harmful. Not that her power causes harm, but the combination can be harmful.
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