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Aaye, Rabbitbelly,

I didn't mean to imply that the asking of $ for ceremony only occurs with non native phonies, nor even, come to think of it, that the fellahs inviting me were phonies.

It's just that that's been my experience. Your point is well taken, as my original statement could be misconstrued.

Really appreciate that you clarified what some elders have told you, namely, "many fullbloods who say menstruating women need to stay away from such places. The reason given, her power will negate the mans power and the results can be harmful. Not that her power causes harm, but the combination can be harmful. " (I added the italics.)

See, that's a whole different thing, to my ears, than "Your moontime power is harmful." Puts things in quite a different light, at least to me.

Megwetch for the info!

With respect,
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