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I am so glad you posted about this!
I am so very sorry for your difficulty in this matter. I deeply appreciate the complexity of your question.
I hope that you might embrace this wonderful opportunity to teach the matter of diversity to your children.
Families are an example for children. You are so very fortunate to have an experience happen for your children about what may happen in their everyday and future lives: the difference in belief systems!
how wonderful! how difficult! how frustrating! how sticky this is happening within the family.
that is just the point. it is sooo uncomfortable, not to mention undeserved and unfair. but so is life. family situations teach a child how to deal with reality.
this is where you are doing a wonderful job as a parent. you truly care about your children's spiritual place.
don't argue, don't worry, just be an example. don't defend your beliefs! go to pow wows and dance--let the kids decide if they like it. if they want to dance with you, ok! let them enjoy it.
if they want to go to church with the ex or grandma, ok!
Above all, don't worry! God will speak to your children in a place that they will understand. He knows them well. Trust Creator.
My daughter is a wonderful girl, she has a 20 month old and a new born baby that is 3 weeks old. She has been raised in the Native Way, but she is also jewish by her father. She has decided that this is her heart. I could not be more proud of my little girl. Both of my grandsons will be brought in to the Circle. One already has been with the promise of the People to support him in his own Creation. Yet, my grandsons are of hebrew spiritualty, by blood and by their mother's heart.
It is my hope, that I may one day stand beside my two boys at the Wailing wall in Isreal, and pray with them. We shall pray together, for all, the yellow, red, black and white. No matter where we are or who we are praying to, just as you have said, there is only one God.

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