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Lots to ponder here.

From the statements from Christians and from traditionals that one can't worship in two ways to statements that one can....

Majii, little sister, if I may call you that, please know this. I know several persons who can and do worship in a variety of ways, who "see" the Creator in a church as much as in a circle as much as in the woods as much as in a hospital room or in a drunk tank.

An elder told this story at his wife's memorial service:

When I was a child, I had to spend all but the summers at a boarding school. The first year, they taught me their religion. When I got home that summer, I asked my grandfather about it. He told me, "You know what we've taught you and you know what's right. When people want to tell you about their religion, listen to them; help them if you can. But one thing you must never do: You must never, never make fun of them."

The part that spoke to me first was "help them if you can." I have been raised, and remain, Christian, and the Scriptures teach that God is love.

When you show love, caring, compassion, strength and support, that's - for want of a better word - religion and how people see "God" or "Creator."

As lakotantn said, your example will teach the children most clearly.

The next part of the elder's words that really came home were "never, never make fun of them."

Remember learning that "When you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you" - ?? When/if your ex- and his in-laws act without love and ridicule and openly despise traditional ways, your children will see that in contrast to their mom's beliefs and behavior, and they will understand.

Maybe not right away, or maybe so.

The denomination to which I belong has, until recently, stuck very closely to its own traditions and has been firm in its beliefs, and, I'm happy to say, treated "unbelievers" with love. The point is, as my husband and I have raised our children in this Christian tradition, we have also told them, "Yes, most Christians believe that only belief in Jesus sends a person to the good world after death. We personally believe that any one who honors God (the Creator), and who helps others on earth, also goes to a good world after death. God [sic] is infinite and no one can completely understand Him; we are not given to pass judgement on a person of good faith, good conscience and humble helping. The Creator (God) knows all our hearts."

So far, thank heavens!, they understand.

You've been in our prayers since your first posting. May you and your children be blessed!

With respect,
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