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just a singer's perspective.....

The Ballot look's good for Cree Style. As you have heard. I've seen allot of different ballot's around either running a drum contest or competing in one. There are a couple of changes I'd like to suggest to make your ballot more uniform/versital so all style's of hand drum singing can use it. Whether it be. Cree style with the snare. (Which is a little difficult to adapt to after you've been singing Ojib round dance and jingle dress song's for so long.) Anway here it goes.....

For the Points a 1 to 10 scale is a little too much. I'd suggest you use. 0..............5.............10................15. .........20. For each item the judges will be judging.

The hand drum contest's are more leaning toward a 4 man crew. At least the pow-wow's I've gone to so far this summer. Because most of the time we are asked to sing a song 4 times through. One lead for each guy.

Finally, I'd have to agree with a couple other's. Taking out the "Snare" item would open this ballot up to all style's. Cree Round Dance, Ojib Round Dance and Jingle(Agitchida Quay) Song's, and Southern "49" Style. Can't forget about the brother's down know?

Anywho.......thatz my view's on it.

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