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I THINK the modern ("U" and "swing") traditional bustle as we know it came about in the 50s or 60s. Prior to that, bustles were the old "flat" style of the Cheyenne and the round "nest" bustle of the Omaha and Lakota.

Even the first fancy dancers had little round bustles that resembled the Omaha nest bustle, but they had bright colors. These round bustles were worn on the lower back, neck, arms, wrists, and sometimes knees. I saw some pictures of these old-time fancy dancers from Oklahoma and I am pleased that fancy dance has changed over the past 70 odd years!

Anyway, I also saw pics from the 60s and the fancy dancers and traditional dancers had bustles that had more of a "U" shape instead of round.

Maybe the fancy and traditional bustles changed at the same time, each influencing each other????

On the fan category- I was told that the fan is not just to keep you cool. I was told that the powwow circle is a "neutral zone" and hard feelings, bad attitude, etc. are not to come into the circle. This being said, the fan is used to pull good feelings toward the person.

There's some of my ramblings. Later.
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