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Holly! I believe that children should start out in Hawk, goose or Swan feather bustle and work there way up to Eagle, but if the Bustle is gifted you have to use it! I am only 23 years old, but I have been given unuff eagle feather for a war bonnet to the ground!! I try to give away what I feel needs to be passed, but spasific feathers I keep aside, and use when I pray in a sweat, dance or whatever. I know there are children who have been given gifts and its proper they wear them, but I know of some kids that just ask there older buddies, hey when you get that eagle can ya give me a few feathers for my gear. Its hard to say what folks have earned. ALL I know is what I HAVE earned and what I wear! I have had guys question me about my gear and feathers sayin " you cant wear all those, Your to young" I usually say see all those Elders and Family members there on the dance floor, the drums and the Bleachers.. Tell them that!! that usually gets em!! LOL!

See, I personally believe that the feather and regalia items gifted should be done so Publicly, so there are what we call "witnesses" and they are " payed" at the giveaways when the items are gifted, so that they remember and if need be will vouch for ya.
There are laws I guess, acourding to the Fish N' Game folks that says we cant give them to Non-Registered Natives or Non Indians. I think thats kinda goofed up, but who am I to question the great white Father in Washington!! LOL!! hahaha Take care you guys and be nice! dont make me take your feathers!! LOL!!

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