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Exclamation why its important or anything "Cholesterol"

Originally Posted by ~pathwalker~
I just got diagnozed with high cholesterol, I actually found a book in the check-out line at walmart that is called: High cholesterol for Dummies. I havent read it yet, dont know anything about it at all. Mine went from around 130 to 270 in a month. I dont know anything about what it can do to you, why its important or anything, not even what foods are high in it. Its all new to me.
PW for starters. It is a good thing you have found your Cholesterol numbers. I started to watch my Cholesterol numbers about 5 years back. When my co-workers were all talking about it, I didn't know much about it back then. Like most people. In this day and age. Too many Native People are loosing their lives at a young age. Because of not taking care of theirselves. Untreated and forgotten about, high Cholesterol can lead to hardening of the arteries and a possible terrible way of life. My mother suffered a slight stroke at the age of 63 due to clogging of the arteries. Doctors later found she had a very high Cholesterol level including high blood pressure. Her arteries were so clogged what her heart was pumping harder to get blood to her brain. Which at that time wasn't getting enough. Which lead to her stroke and high blood pressure. The White Man has strong medicine. He can gives you a prescription to take care of high Cholesterol. Like my mother and many others.

Not all Cholesterol is bad tho. Good Cholesterol(HDL- High-density lipoproteins)will help to remove the bad Cholesterol(LDL- Low-density lipoproteins). Our bodies do need some fats, to help our bodies function the best it can. We need to give it as much HDL's as possible tho. HDL is in Olive oils, Cold water fishes (Salmon, Cod etc.) green leafy vegtables, Oatmeal and the such. I found that Diet is easier to change over a gradual period of time. You and your families taste buds will have to adjust from your current style of eating. Believe me It is much better in the long run. I'll make more post about Cholesterol basics for everyone to read.

I have found that while making my own healthy changes. To include all the people I love to Enjoy your Family and Friends for a long time.
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