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Duck and Dive

You are right Knee-Grow Native, Prarie Chicken Dance songs have their own songs, separate from Duck and Dive songs. The combining of Duck and Dive with Prarie Chicken Dance competitions is a "new" trend. Sadly, our modern pow-wows will justify the Duck and Dives use in these contests as acceptable in their modern day interpretation. I remember when the Crow Hop type of songs started appearing in the Womens Fancy Shawl Dance and how mixed feelings were then. Many strongly objected to their use. However, again, modern interpretation and large audiences and money blind what is proper in tradition and today it is commonplace to hear Crow Hop type songs in Womens fancy Shawl Dance contests. I tell you if we could turn back our clocks back to when more elders were around we would not see half the things that are done at our pow-wows today because the elders would object strongly! That is fact!
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