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Originally Posted by Plenty Fox & Proud
I agree with Sky. The truth must be put out there; and despite certain inaccuracies we've seen Spielberg has the ability to REACH his audience and the way he portrayed the massacre with the cracked photos had to have been burned into the brain of those watching. These were REAL people, Sand Creek and Wa*sh*t*a DID happen. Most non-Native people I've spoken to really have no idea about the repeated atrocities committed against our People; nor do they understand the anti-Indian mentality of the times. This show serves all of it up. I cried during that whole scene and really felt drained when the show was done.
Plenty, i agree with you totally, the fetterman fight was true to form as well. I have been telling these "stories" truths to my in-laws for twenty years. They all said "that's not what is in my history book, couldn't be true"- well, now i say to them- booyah-. I totally lost my composure watching the battle of Wa****a. I firmly believe that the more people thats made aware of the atrocities that has been committed against native peoples-the less republicans we will have.
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