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Okay, all taken into consideration, I have to agree with Fancy Star. If you are going to compete, then be consistant in your appearance. Have your hair braided, don't come in with your hair halfway done, or in a bun. How many times have you seen top dog dancers racing to get their hair braided at the last minute because their contest came up before they realized it. I think Fancy is talking about situations like this and not condemning if you put it up or down. My dad always said to judge on these things: 1st: regalia-complete, coordinated, appropriate. Your regalia represents who you are and what you think of yourself and your tribe. 2nd:knowledge of song-stop on time, go down on time, can dance to any song given. 3rd:Style- every dancer has their own style and their dancing ability shows in their dance style.
When you are going to compete, be thorough in your appearance at all times. Present yourself as being ready to dance. And also, I notice alot of dancers don't dance intertribals, just their contest song and then hide out until winners are called. That's not right, either.
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