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So let me get this straight. You say people be claimin the duck and dive? Ahh man...thats a hoot!!! I aint never EVER seen it done anywhere else but CROW UNTIL lately!!! I seen it done at tribes with the golden age mens northern traditional and White Lodge being at Crow Fair all the time sang it like the crowz! Good job boyz! But anyway, let me ask this then!! If a certain song for a certain category is wrong then should there be someone to blame, i.e., arena director, committee, MC, or the drum? I mean cmon, you people talk about how traditional you are en shyt, if you cant even determine the proper song for the proper category then why heck are yall even speakin...over here at Crow we dance strictly to straight songs, crow hop(original), duck and dive and the stomp song, for women its straight, crow hop, and maybe sometimes a round dance.......I aint puttin no tribe down or nuttin like that but its just that it bothers the heck out of me that peepz be all talkin and aint got no papers to back dat a$$ up!!!!! Anyway, next time you attend your local powwow, go up to one of the head staff and maybe put in your opinion. Maybe they just dont know!!! And oh yea, maybe yall should learn more about your history from an in-depth perspective rather than other people as-a-matter-of-fact opinions!!!!!! Laterz and peace out, see yall at Denver March!!!!!

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