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Originally posted by kneegrow_native
[B]I didn't start this to argue over what tribe made the first duck and dive. More than a few tribes have laid claim to creating the dance. However the song that is predominately used where I live has it's origins from a particular battle. I was expressing my opinion about the correct use of the style.

I have asked people about the origins of these songs. Whether it be from Crow country or any other place the reply has been the same. The song depicts battle. What does the chicken dance depict?

So are we to throw tradition to the wind?

I got an idea, lets start making women's traditional get down on a knee and to a sneak up. Or better yet, lets really throw tradition out the door and permit drugs and alcohol on the arena. Damn, homie, I thought ya knew.

Ya know CrowBoi, at the pow-wow whether it be for money or not, there are still customs that we follow. Money isn't a good enough reason to throw traditions out the window. Is that something that you are prepared to do? Sounds like it.

Some of these dances were made for a specific reason for specific dances. When you use them for the wrong reason you run the risk of getting yourself embarrassed at a pow-wow.

shhoooooot im more probably more traditional than you are because you sure sound like an urban native. All urban natives sound the same, acting all traditional when you dont even practice the traditions that you supposed to learn. I grew up with my family on the Crow Rez, I aint ever live outside my rez and its a whole lot easier for me to learn my ways, from my father(who deceased), to my brothers, and from my uncles and grandfathers, so who are you to say im not traditional? I mean cmon man! look at the powwow, its a MIXTURE of tribes relating together as one by dancing the same styles together for enjoyment and for happiness. I see a crow, i see a blackfeet, i see a sioux, i see a northern cheyenne, i see an arikara, and so on and so forth at a powwow dancing the same style of dance and all for that feeling of being together and having a good time!!! Ill never throw my tradition away for anything in the world because it is where I get my freedom of an inidividual!! Well anyway, I feel sorry for you since you may never learn or learn from other peepz opinions. I SAY at powwows, let the chicken dancers dance the duck and dive. Let the crow style dancers dance the chicken song and let the grass dancers dance a crow hop(foot slide as some claim). Well im outty so if you need to post some more opinions on my opinion, feel free to do so. Later nativez and maybe the powwow force be with you!!!

no stoppin this crow hoppin!!!!

the ruffler
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