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Originally Posted by Raven RainWater
Urbandn first off hello, It's okay to ask a question,your entitled to. I have been pounced & thrown as well (lol) just be careful not to get caught up in groups. The internet is alot like High School with clicks. I tend to talk to whomever as long as I like them & think their cool. I have become really close with one person on here infact we have exchanged numbers.There are lot's of nice pple on here. The internet is liked the world a mixture of both good & bad.
Hello there urbandn!
I agree with Raven; I have been posting here for several months now and it can be like high school or even junior high for that matter; I read a lot more than I post and when I feel compelled to throw in my opinion I will; I have received some negative responses but I decide that I do not read those anymore. There are some folks who are just mad at everything and will jump on you no matter what. They are the ones who have the problem. Just keep in mind that you never know who you are dealing with online................that people can easily pretend to be something they are not. I have also noticed the cliques but that is not a big deal either. It is best just to stay on the chit-chat threads and you will see that the majority of the folks who pop in are really very nice and very supportive! Just remember to keep it real and be sincere! I have met some very nice people on this site so I would say there are more positives than negatives.
Happy posting! Oh, and this site can be very addicting, so I avoid it by staying outside and smoking more!!!! ha ha ha!!!

keeping an eye on Hurricane Emily.......................................
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