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I remember once at a powwow that my friends Native American club at school was holding some people showed up that nobody seemed to know. They had rather odd outfits that looked more like Halloween costumes, one woman was carrying this weird looking stick all painted up with that glitter paint. They started dancing in a most unusual manner during the intertribals, it was one man and two woman. The women looked as though they hadn't combed their hair in like...well...never. And don't even get me started on the armpits...barf!

Well at supper break the man asks if he can play his flute and the powwow committee reluctantly agrees to give him some time to do so. He really got into it too, moving around all crazy, like he was in some kind of rock band or something. I asked my friend who they were, but she didn't know.

Another time I recall seeing this guy with a pretty unusual hair cut, he had braids but they were practically on top of his head, whereas the rest was mostly shaved, especially the back of his head, he had a thick mustache and he would always dance during intertribals, but the way he danced like the way his body moved reminded me of the Disney character Goofy, and it seemed as though, because of the way he moved his arms, that he was shadow boxing around the entire arena.
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