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Oh Great Spirit

Grandfather of them all;

Hear me now as I pray to you.

My Life and Path are in your hands.

As I walk the Red Road.

I pray you keep me near you and help me.

Help me to keep my patience and understanding.

I pray to the four directions to Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Hear me now and help me to be strong as your Grandfather Trees are old.

Help me to be with the right direction of the Wind and the current of

your Rivers.

Help me to flow in the right direction I am to be.

Show me my path, and keep my heart pure and my thoughts clean.

Great Spirit: help my heart to heal and go on forward with my Life.

To not look back with regret, but with Thanks for the lessons I have


Mother Earth do not punish those whom are walking the correct path.

Do not punish those whom Love you and care for you and your children.

Father Sky keep our eyes ahead and above so we may know what we need to


As the Eagle flies so high to Great Creator.

Help those whom are lost and restore their Faith and show them the way.

As the Bear walks the cold mountain unknowing of his fate.

So shall our Brothers and Sisters walk forward, toward their unknown


Creator help save the Children, whom are our Future.

Whom are the Saviors of our Race of One Nation.

Show all those who are in touch, the Love and and nurturing they need to recieve. As the Deer stands in the quiet forest ready to flee from any unknown danger. Let our Children know that they must also be ready to Flee, and protect themselves as well. Great Creator Let our traditions be handed down to our "Great Hope" for the future. Let our Children know they must come back to the old ways to survive this coming prophecy. Creator watch over our Spirit Animals, and of course those creatures; great ,small, old, new , hard ,soft,green,or blue. No matter what kingdom or color they come from protect them; for another generation of our Nation to preserve and protect. Creator we thank you for all Blessing given us this day.

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