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State or Fed Recognition

Forget the state and the feds
Part of the problem in Indian Country today, is our inability to come together and make effective decisions without fighting and bickering. And why is that? Because we have forgotten how NDN peoples traditionally made those decisions. Today we form committees, we abide by Robert's Rules of Order, and we take on and use value systems that belong to "them". Then we wait and wait for some check to come in the mail.
This is unnatural for us, and some of us have watched our own people turn against one another in the middle of a committee or tribal meeting, offended people drop off of those committees and then a new committee has to be created just to make the decision that should have been made a year ago. Families turn against one another, the hurt runs deep and outsiders play to those weaknesses.
If the truth be known, we as NDN people, are the key to recognizing ourselves for who we are and what our capabilities are. Sitting around waiting for the dominant gov't to recognize us and then issue a check, is just another welfare system designed to keep us numbered and humble. When we speak of Sovereign Nations, ........we should speak seriously.
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