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Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why all the REAL CHEROKEES posts, plus others, got deleted. Man I am a moderator and when you delete something you do it on purpose. It ain't no accident. We all said something that whoever didn't want to hear which was the truth, however pissy it was.

I'll say it again. THere are only three Cherokee Tribes, thats all and no more. There is no, "Its in my heart and you can't tell me I'm not Indian." Heck look in the mirror! Stand beside me, FAncystar, Walmart NDN, Zeph, DeltaDawn, then you tell me who is CHerokee. Stand beside Sanish...see who's a skin or not.

I know I sound all hateful but you put yourself in our shoes where we hear this crap day after day. Cut it out, give us skins a break. Enough is enough. It's old and its tired. Man I hate to say this but if you are you are if you ain't you aint. Keep it to yourself cause everytime you bring this up on the board skins will attack and you won't like what we have to say because you STILL DON'T RESPECT A DAMN THING WE SAY OR DO. yOU WANNA TAKE IT ALL....LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS. When you gonna stop?

Somewhere down the line there is Irish in my family but I aint gonna run around looking for Irish chats and boards and tell them that I have a little Irish in me and if they don't like it I don't care cause its in my heart. I don't claim it and never will.....never would want to. So whats up that? JUST STOP!!! PLEASE!
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