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Exclamation Queens-thunderbird Powwow

One good thing about this event was the weather. It was gorgeous all three days. No Rain.

Where should I start......

Friday grand entry went off without a hitch. Nice crowd and more dancers than last year.

Saturday's going along great until they run Womens jingle without any kind of announcement immediately after the Aztec dancers. 2 jingle dress dancers (Vaughnda & Mary)missed category because of the lack of announcements on the MC's part. Other dancers also saw this was a problem and asked them to wait but they ran it anyway. ooooooh!

Another problem with the schedule is that their should have been an intertribal after the Aztecs performed to get warmed up for category. Dancers need a chance to get ready and warm up before contest.

Children from the ages of 10-16 in all categories are all mixed together. However, they seperated boys from girls.
Teens against kids come on now. Teens were really upset & sat out of the contest because of this.

When I went to check my scores, they explained to me that there was always at least one member from Thunderbird judging the categories & different judges were used for each day of contests. Okay that did not explain the fact that some of the judges they used do not know what they are looking at as far as the technique of the dance catgory. As far as I am concerned there were problems in many of the categories, I also explained to them that many of the champion dancers are displeased with the problem of favoritism and that the same people seem to win every year. You mean to tell me that people can't get better, impossible. I wasn't the only one who had a problem with the overall outcome of the contest. Many people wanted to check their scores.

You can't win them all but you also can't loose them all the time either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a break, I have a degree in dance & theater also been dancing since I could walk, these people are trying to tell me that they know about the dances and that she trusted the people they chose to judge!!!! People bust their behinds & take off work to get to the powwow for a Friday night grand entry and the points for this was only 25 points. Okay committee why don't you also have contest on Friday night. We realize now it was pointless & a waste of our time to try to make it for Friday it did not make a diffenence in the outcome. Most of the people who came on Saturday placed.

I also want to say thank you to all those who told me that they thought I should have placed in jingle. That happens a lot to me but I will keep on dancing no matter what. Usually when someone says something is better it just their opinion, that doesn't mean they are right. It all depends on how they were taught and what they have been led to believe.

Taiyin & Wayasti congrats!! You are the best MUCH RESPECT!!!!!! I really appreciate you as people and professionals. I mean that!!! See you at the next one. Thank you for the encouragement & thanks for caring.

Here is the other problem I came across. The woman on the committee explained to me that there was always one member of Thunderbird judging however some of their own members were dancing in contest. Overall they need to revamp their judging system and teach their members what to look for as far as certain dances are concerned.

Amanda great hoop dancing on Saturday!!!
The hoop dancer, sorry didn't get her name was awesome on Sunday!!!!! Excellent dancing with a whole lotta spirit. I enjoyed this performance. Someone please post her name if possible.

3rd Tom Pearson
1st Ginew Benton

Women's Shawl
3rd Erica Phillips
2nd Cheyenne
1st Amanda Ironstar-BigMountain

Men's Fancy
3rd Calvin Burns
2nd Wayasti Richardson
1st Sean Yazzie

Women's Traditional
3rd Mel Tonepehote
2nd Donita Efono
1st Taiyin Snowflower

Young Women
3rd I. Stonefish (fancy)
2nd T. Tonpehote (tradish)
1st V. Stonefish (fancy)

Young Men
3rd Raven Mathais (tradish)
2nd Blaze Stark (grass)
1st Michael Begay (tradish)

Tiny Tots
3rd Buddy Tonpehote
2nd Leroy Arujo
1st Gary Meeches

Women's Jingle
3rd Katrina Bigmountain
2nd Mary Ahenakew
1st Ashay Ironstar-Bigmountain

Men's Traditional
3rd Little Bigmountain
2nd Samuel Begay
1st Preston Tonpehote

Next Year?????????????????????????? Who knows???

Well, we will see you all at the National powwow in DC.
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