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Plenty Fox & Proud - Do YOU eat under a blanket? Why should an infant have to?

Brown Eyed Gurl - thanks for your reply. Bottles and formula are actually less convenient than breastfeeding.

Here are some links about cow's milk, formula, and

Link about allergies to

Originally Posted by Plenty Fox & Proud
Any normal guy is gonna look at a breast if it is exposed
I would hope a 'normal' guy would have the decency and respect not to stand around and stare or try and get a peek at a nursing mother's breasts.
Men in my family have been around breastfeeding infants and have NEVER tried to see another woman's breasts when she was feeding her infant. But, then again, they know how to respect a woman and treat all women with dignity and pride. Men and women...that's a whole 'nother thread :LOL
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