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Originally Posted by **jdazmum**
Sorry, but I am not going to stop feeding my daughter milk, just because it may cause obesity. It's better than beer like some crazy ndn mothers. Oh, forgot to mention, more woman suffer osteoporosis because they don't get enough calcium. That goes for alot of native woman/man, when back in the day didn't get enough milk.
There are plenty of green vegetables that have way more calcium than milk. Yogurt is even better than milk. Milk doesn't cause obesity. Eating a diet high in fat and sugar and not excercising causes obesity.
Also, in order for the body to take in and USE the calcium, it needs a balance of vitamin C, A, D, iron, etc. Milk alone will not provide that for a growing child.
The American Dairy Association is full of misinformation so it can sell and make huge profits.
Native men and women 'back in the day' did not have osteoporosis due to lack of milk, but lack of proper nutrition. And, if we want to look at before the white man came, they didn't have a LOT of the diseases and illnesses that are so prevalent in our society today.

I know that a lot of native's don't have access to good food, so you make do with what you DO have. I hope this will change in the near future.
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