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Originally Posted by Janell
HULLO...I didn't slam anyone. I just said are my eyes not seeing what they should? I see her dance offbeat. I watch her. She's beautiful. Yes, she's nice, but are we judging for being nice or on-beat? I was told that ultimately the contest is between the dancer and the drum. If a dancer can't stay on beat - I guess the drum wins.

As for any other style of dancing that dances on the up beat rather than the down beat...well, educate us. Is fancy dancing one of those styles? Is this the trend of fancy shawl dancing? Is *name edited for a second time....* a trend setter?

sheesh. When I judge and have friends dancing I still judge fairly. It'd be nice to know your face and to know I don't have a chance when you are judging b/c you are judging based on your friendship rather than on dancing ability. People like you should not be judging.

I didn't see who you said it was but I think I know who you're talking about. If it is the same person I agree about the beat part. Every time I've seen her dance she goes off-beat at some point or another during the song. Don't get me wrong, she's a good dancer........when she stays on beat. But this is just my opinion on dancing and I wouldn't put her down on my ballot strictly because she can't stay on beat. I'm not putting anyone down but just using her as an example. Don't get me wrong!! For me to pick a dancer, they have to be on beat the entire song. That's important in what I look for. Otherwise, why have drums sing if the dancers are going to dance to another song? Ya hear me? I think how certain dancers place depend on the judges. Everyone has their favorite but there are judges who don't know what "on beat" is and therefore look at dancers who wouldn't otherwise be noticed by judges who know about the proper beat to dance to.
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