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Originally Posted by Kiwehnzii
Sometimes when I judge, paying too much attention to one dancer to see if he/her gets off-beat is not a good thing. It is not fair to the other dancers who would also like my attention. Sometimes there are so many dancers that, perhaps, 10-15 seconds of "looking at" a particular dancer is all that one can get. Many times, when I don't get a fairly good look, I request another song and try to focus on those that stood out in the 1st or 2nd song to determine what place they deserve in "my eyes".

Focusing too long on one dancer is unfair.
***** Sounds like a bunch of excuses 2 me...No one said anything about watching one dancer the whole time...anyone who knows dancing could tell who is dancing on/off beat while looking at everyone. The ones who dance off beat and still win because of their friends do it thru the whole song!! But hey, its supposed to be about dancing for your family and everyone getting together so big deal :) but all this baloney ^^^ it made me laugh, like c"mon...everybody knows how judging goes...jus have fun everyone, and laugh when crazy judging happens *****
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