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Gas Prices

This whole topic pisses me off!

We are being price gouged big time! We are being charged these ungodly prices on oil that is already in the pipelines and has been for months. I expect that these prices will continue as long as the current white house is in office.

"Hello" the Bush administration, including President Bushs' friends and family are all heavily invested in oil and gas companies here and abroad. He is making sure that when he is no longer in office he can call on a few favors from the people whose pockets he is currently lining and you remember the prices you are currently paying the next time you vote in a presidential election.

In fact, 3 months prior and leading up to the last presidential election, gas prices on average nationally were only 1.65 per gallon.

I'm in the phoenix area and it is 2.65 for low grade and 2.95 for the goot stuff.

I hope people are finally taking notice of how devastating this current administration has been for the US! I've noticed that people who normally don't pay attention to politics are starting too, and I understand that this is making the White House very nervous!
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