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I briefly scanned over this but however convincing the wording and argument may be I am very skeptical. I'm Okla and whatever the folks back in MS may think of us is another issue...but I know we share an absolute history. I did indeed support the Jena band because I felt/feel the same is true as far as traceable history and ancestory. I have to agree with badmutha on this issue. Look at the Cherokee wolf clan of tennessee. They charge money (for something..but it all boils down to membership rights) to be involved in their activities! And, tennessee doesn't even recognize their/any tribe yet they are pushing for it and going against a more organized commission of affairs. Now, I know this is a different state they are talking about and the point...I might have missed it... but how many people are in this MOWA that has been talked about, and what are they trying to gain from this recognition? To gain access to better healthcare and scholarships and hold land in trust?????? Shhhhaaawww....I musta missed it....
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