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Originally posted by deltadawn
If anyone lived in Ga back in the early 90's then you would know how the GA natives got their state recognition.

like i asked before - if you do not care about the gov't saying who is and who isn't native then why the fuss over being enrolled somewhere?
i haven't read all this so this only applies to this comment. Many people don't care what the government thinks...however...the fuss often arises when natives can't particpate in events because they aren't "recognized". They get excluded from conferences, scholarships, name it...

and the general problem with other natives is enough of a reason to want recogintion. If, we as natives, could decolonize our own identities and stop letting the "man" decide who's indian for us...then m aybe it wouldn't be so important to get recognition

- a skin in law school working on this very issue....
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