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Well, he didn't tell me much. All I was told was that after she was born her mother split, and she took the baby to arizon or new mexico, I know her mother is from White Mesa near Blanding in Utah near 4 corners. Her mother is Navajo and her father is Northern Ute.
They met at a ndn school in california. He hasn't seen her since she was a week or so old and the only photo he has is that one of her when she was 4. He has lost contact with the mother and all he knows is that she has remairried or so he was told.
The girl is named Angel, but he believes she may have the other guys last name. Her birthday is January 29th 1993. As far as he knows her mother hasn't even told her that he is the father.
He just asked me if it was possible to find her, he said he has been thinking about here since we were down in white mesa for the bear dance in september.
I will ask him though for the mothers name. Maybe someone out there would know her, or her mother, or any other info.
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