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Angry Stone Horse Vendor Alert

At a Pow Wow this past weekend in TN. Stone Horse (first name Horace) caused quite a problem and had to be asked to leave. He argued with Security when he first arrived, he wanted to set up where He wanted to set up, rather than wait until he could be told where to set up. Then had to leave to go buy an awning to set up. He informed Security he did not have to pay Vendor fee's as he was an Elder, and was representing another Council in Ky, and was supporting their Learning Center. Many of the Vendors, and customers complained about his foul language, and then danced around telling everyone how he was Jesus Saved.
After being confronted by the Head Man that he was NOT an Elder, that He was NOT a member of the Council that he claimed to be, he apologized and offered to pay Fee's, but by then he had alienated everyone and the Council presenting the Pow Wow asked him to leave.
He threatened the Head Lady that he had a rock to put in a sock and lay up side her man's head. He dishonored the grounds, the circle, the Council, the Council he claimed to be part of, the Head Lady, and many other Vendor's and Public!

We have since discovered that he has done this at many different Pow Wows, in the Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee area! Beware this Vendor. One of his nicknames is Hippy. He sells all kinds of rocks, fossils, and crystals.

Beware this Vendor!
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