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Drugs and alcohol is a problem for all the four races, men and women. I speak from being a member in AA and MA. Everyone is under pressure, with a bad job market, and familys seem to fall apart all over. It is important for peoples to stay together for heritage identity and to remember our elders of the past. I find white women, shallow and needy, insearch of a dream. As a white dude, I enjoy nature, all my relations, sweats, and powwows. Not too many ladies of my race feel like I do. I am drawn to the Native American spiritual ideals, as a visitor. I do spend alot of time walking the walk, of tending the path. I too see alot of nature wanna-be's. When I suggest, 'Let's go for a hike and pick up litter', thats the end of that. Same thing when I say, I dont drink. I think love is where it works. Respect and communication, along with values.
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