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Thanks Singerdad,

Finally someone who knows. Its so sad that these "Tuscarora" wannabes don't get out of N.C. much. Then they'd see the truth for themselves. These people know nothing about unity. The group began in the late 60's because they were upset that the Indian schools were being integrated. Its early roots also stemmed from violence, and we all know that violence brings about destruction of a nation. They also claim Tuscarora as a group without even checking their geneology to see if they really do have Tuscarora blooodlines. Of course, a few of the Lumbee do have that ancestry. But as I said only "a few" can claim it, not ALL these people. Sooo tell me T.O.T.E, do you agree that not all Lumbees have Tuscarora blood?

so STOP your little mission to try to tell an entire people who they are or are not. You ain't God are you? If you want to rant and rave go to NY and see if they'll let you at the next Grand Council meeting. HA!


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